Ways to Quit Smoking and Stop Now

quit-smoking-img1There are many ways you can try to stop smoking and the purpose of this website is to help you choose the best one for you. Whatever method you use to try to quit smoking, itís ultimately going to come back to you and the choices you make. I strongly urge you to read this page entirely before going any further.

The power of suggestion
Letís look at the basic stages of quitting:

  1. You make a decision to quit

  2. You choose a method (cold turkey, hypnotism, patchÖ.)

  3. You start the program

  4. You fight the urge to start smoking again

  5. Youíre finally cured of the habit!

Unfortunately it just doesnít happen like that and lots of people end up right back where they started.

Before you do anything else - click on the image below and watch the video! My advice is to try this technique for quitting as a first step. Even if you feel you need a different method this will provide a real boost to whatever you choose.





How I quit smoking:
I never made the decision to stop smoking up front. In fact, I liked smoking and couldnít imagine not having a cigarette. So what happenedÖ?

Well, I had caught a cold and had a really sore throat, which lasted for a few days. I only smoked two or three cigarettes a day during this time. As my throat got better, I thought I would try and keep the number of cigarettes down to that level. I didnít want to quit Ė just to reduce my consumption level.

So, I ended up at about four per day. They were good smokes!! One with my 10:00 AM coffee, one after lunch, another in mid-afternoon and the last one after dinner in the evening. After a while I thought I would try and stop smoking for a whole day. I could always go back to my four per day routine. I tried it and found it wasnít as hard as I thought...

And thatís when I made the real decision to quit smoking. Up until then I had no long-term goals of going without cigarettes.



A story
I want you to read this story closely, because you are going to think of this during the time you have quit smoking but are tempted to start again.

The bottom line

Here are some tips:

Donít try so hard! Itís well known that professional athletes can fail simply because they are trying too hard. A good athlete performs best when he or she is relaxed. Your quitting will be too, if you adopt this attitude. (Think of the small step from the new place to the old place in the story above)

Change behaviors: change all the things you associate with smoking. To help me quit smoking I reduced drinking alcohol and coffee.



Top Ways to Stop Smoking

1) Nicotine Replacement
This includes things like nicotine patches, lozenges, and nasal sprays, and inhalers which reduce the need for nicotine. This helps a person to quit smoking, without the withdrawal symptoms.

2) Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking helps the individual to overcome the psychological desire for cigarettes.

3) Laser Treatment

Known as Soft Laser or Cold Laser this method uses laser light beams to stimulate nerve centers in a way similar to acupuncture.

4) Alternative Therapies
These include acupuncture, aromatherapy and herbal remedies which have all proved to have some success in helping people to quit smoking

5) Willpower
Often called the 'Cold Turkey' method, a person relies on their willpower alone to help them stop smoking.

6) Counseling
This can use individual, or group sessions like Alcoholics Anonymous, to help people kick the smoking habit

7) Prescription Drugs
These have to be prescribed by a physician. Zyban is one example of such a drug.


  Ways to Quit Smoking

  Ways to Quit Smoking

Ways to Quit Smoking

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